Miami Medical Center

When considering a Miami medical center, Dayton Medical Center has long been recognized as a leading center for quality care that uses a holistic and integrative approach. Whether you haven’t received a proper diagnosis, were told there was no cure for your ailment, or you would just like to receive an integrated approach to your medical treatment, Dayton Medical Center may be able to help.


Integrative Healing
Located in Miami, Dayton Medical Center offers a medical approach that integrates conventional, complementary, and alternative medicines to allow for the most thorough treatment options available to medicine. You can even choose to be treated with conventional or alternative medicine, or you may choose to be treated with a combination of both forms of medical wisdom. Whether you are experiencing something as simple as a cold or something more complex, such as cancer, you can get the treatment you need.

The physicians at Dayton Medical Center use a holistic approach to healing. The mind, body, and spirit interrelationships are considered when diagnosing a health issue and coming up with a treatment plan. Whether you wish to use conventional medicine, alternative medicine, or an integrative treatment plan, the advantages and disadvantages of your choices will be given to you so that you can make a more informed decision and play an active role in the healing process.


Practices Involved in Treatment
Dayton Medical Center offers many approaches to diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the body. Osteopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and mind body medicine may be available, depending on your needs.

Osteopathic medicine offers the convenience and benefits provided by modern medicine, with the addition of osteopathic manipulation. This manipulation helps the body to heal itself. Focus is on the promotion of health and prevention of disease.

There are many forms of traditional Chinese medicine that may be used to treat health issues. The most common forms involve acupuncture and the use of herbal remedies, though other options may be given as well. Chinese medicine uses individualized treatment options to promote health and treat health conditions.

Mind body medicine focuses on the interaction between the mind and body which affect behaviors and health. EEG neuro integration, perception re-framing, and body talk are a few of the services you may receive from this type of medicine. Focus is on mental health, behavioral issues, and pain management.


Therapies Available
In addition to treating all of your medical health concerns, there are also some innovative treatment options available.

Chelation therapy can be used to remove a buildup of toxic heavy metals from the body. This can help with circulatory problems, bone and joint problems, and biochemical functioning within the body. Chelation therapy is also used to reduce the degenerative effects of the aging process on the body.

Dayton Medical Center offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that is individualized for your specific needs. A hormone panel lab test is used to determine what levels of each hormone are needed in the body and a special blend is created specifically for your body’s needs.

Several IV therapy options are available to help with many aspects of the body’s functioning, including fighting infection, improving immune system functioning, detoxification of the blood and organs, and to reduce the buildup of plaque on artery walls.

Neural therapy, prolotherapy, and prolozone are used to treat many types of pain issues. Injections are used in specific parts of the body to help the body to repair itself in many cases.

The use of cell therapy, electromagnetic therapy, and many alternative medicine treatments may be utilized to help the healing process, strengthen the body’s natural systems, and to prevent to recurrence of certain health problems.


Dayton Medical Center
When you want a health center that can meet all your needs with a wide variety of diagnostic tools and treatment options individualized just for you, choose the physicians at Dayton Medical Center. Get the friendly and individualized care you deserve and can trust.