Cancer Treatment Center Miami

Cancer Treatment Center Miami

Cancer treatment centers in Miami offer patients comprehensive approaches to treating a variety of cancers from lung or stomach cancer to cancer of the esophagus and throat. Cancer treatment centers are designed to incorporate state-of-the-art radiation therapies, surgeries and medications that individually address cancers in all stages of progression while avoiding any compromising of the patient’s quality of life.

For example, a patient with advanced colon cancer may undergo neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is given to a patient prior to surgery to shrink polyps and tumors so the surgeon can remove them without encountering medical issues that larger tumors commonly produce. Following surgery to remove cancerous colon tissues, patients are then given adjuvant chemotherapy, which is intended to eliminate any remaining cancer cells that may have the strength to continue proliferating.

Alternately, patients coming to cancer treatment centers in Miami who have been diagnosed with bone cancer may undergo surgery prior to any radiation or chemotherapy being implemented. Tumors attached to affected bones as well as a portion of the normal bone are excised and examined by a pathologist to determine whether cancer cells have spread into the healthy bone. If the pathologist sees that all cancer has been removed, the patient may have healthy replacement bone grafted onto the site where the surgeon removed the tumor. This bone graft may come from a bone bank or from another area of the patient’s body.

In addition to surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of all three, a Miami cancer treatment center will also offer hormone therapy that is applicable to men and women cancer patients. Used to address breast and prostate cancer, hormone therapy involves medications that dramatically decrease levels of testosterone in men and estrogen and progesterone in women in order to inhibit the continued growth of cancer cells. Androgen deprivation therapy for men with prostate or testicular cancer enhances the ability of EBR (external beam radiation) therapy to shrink cancer cells until they stop reproducing and die.

Endocrine (hormone)therapy for female patients with breast cancer is similar to androgen deprivation therapy except the drugs given to women will do one of two things: inhibit production of progesterone and estrogen or completely stop production of these two hormones by targeting the ovaries. In some cases of ovarian cancer, physicians may decide to remove a patient’s ovaries so that there is no chance that any estrogen or progesterone enters the bloodstream and contributes to the proliferation of cancerous breast tumors.

Patients will also find high standards of palliative care at a Miami cancer treatment center. As a multidisciplinary approach to cancer patients experiencing the later stages of the disease, palliative care endeavors to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by advanced cancer while improving all aspects of a patient’s life by providing assistance with everything from completing complicated insurance forms to helping families cope with loved ones battling against this insidious disease.

Cancer treatment centers in Miami are also known for their metastatic brain tumor procedures that involve advanced, minimally invasive techniques incorporating endoscopy designed to remove the entire tumor without the surgeon needing to make large openings to reach the tumor. Patients benefit greatly from minimally invasive brain tumor surgery because it shortens recovery time, reduces pain during recovery and allows the patient to begin other aggressive cancer treatments earlier than if traditional surgery had been performed.

One of the more cutting-edge procedures that Miami cancer treatment centers can provide is access to genomic testing for cancer that allows family members who may possess a hereditary vulnerability to developing cancer to be screened for certain “markers” that indicate the existence of cancer genes. If and when these genetic mutations are discovered in the genes of a family member, then these individuals who are considered at-risk can receive counseling, further testing and be informed of lifestyle options that are effective in preventing or delaying genetically established cancers.

Miami-based cancer treatment centers provide both cancer patients and their families a place to go for the most effective treatment options available today as well as the caring and compassionate support from the many wonderful people who work at these exceptional facilities.